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We are the world's first Pure Crypto Wealth Team. The CoinWealth Platform will help usher in the era of decentralisation by giving traditional investors the opportunity to diversify into Crypto.

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What We Do?

CoinWealth :

Managed Crypto Portfolios.

From zero to a peak of nearly $3 trillion dollars in the last 13 years, crypto as a segment has fast expanded into an asset class that can no longer be ignored. Many cryptos are in the process of integrating into mainstream applications and show promise to set an equally blazing track record of adoption as the value generation in the past decade.

We bring the time-tested concepts of selection, allocation and portfolio construction while adapting them to the elements that are crucial to building resilient crypto portfolios. In the end, we make it possible for every investor start and nurture a crypto portfolio without having to monitor a 24/7 global market.

CoinWealth's Offerings

Base: Blockchain Platforms

Decentralized Finance: DeFi Plays

Gaming Crypto

Momentum winners

Decentralized App: Dapps Action

Decentralized Exchanges:
DeXes Growth

General Innovation:
GI Challengers

Non-Fungible Token:
NFT Platforms


Strategic schemes

Curated for you.


Speed ( Momentum Winners )


Game of Platforms ( Blockchain Platforms )


Gamify my Portfolio ( Gaming Crypto )


DeFive ( DeFi Plays )

Crypto Games

Want to trade crypto like

you are playing a game?

Watch out for the latest that is coming from the CoinWealth ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

CNW is an ecosystem of crypto applications that are currently focused on investing and gamified trading. The CNW token is the common element across all such applications. We will introduce more DeFi applications within the CNW ecosystem in the future.

Sign up on this page for an invite and you will be invited to the CoinWealth app.

CNW may be acquired on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Bitbns is the primary centralized exchange for CNW and Dfyn is the DeX. We will also bring the ability to buy CNW directly within the gaming ecosystem.

Clash of Cryptos is the first Gamified Trading offering in the Crypto segment. It offers users a very unique opportunity to trade in crypto unlike standard trading venues that require deep knowledge of derivatives. We are making it simpler, tax-efficient and more fun.

CoinWealth has two key product streams at this point: Managed Crypto Portfolios and Gamified Trading. We continue to build and introduce products in the crypto investing segment while also integrating and scaling the usage of CNW tokens within such products.